MacVoices Town Hall - Lessons Learned

Our first MacVoices Town Hall experiment was lots of fun, with some of our viewers and listeners joining some MacVoices regulars to discuss Apple’s Gather Round event.

This was a new format for the show, and using Zoom with more than four participants. Some lessons were learned, and I wanted to both document them and share them here as a reference to make future events even better.

1. Turn off all ancillary noise sources (TV, radio, dogs, children, etc.) - it interferes with the video audio-switching, not to mention the listenability of the show after the fact. (The host reserves the right to mute your mic to prevent that interference.)

2. Use headphones if at all possible. You will be able to hear better, and it solves some of the potential feedback issues.

3. Use an external mic if at all possible. (If not, *definitely* use the mic on the headphones.) More you, less room sound is better for everyone.

4. Check the audio settings (located at the bottom of the Zoom display when you hover over it) to be sure you have the correct mic selected. Setting your Mac’s audio-in source doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be honored by the Zoom system.

5. If using a mobile version of Zoom, PLEASE mute your mic until you want to talk, and if possible, find a stable place for the device. You may think you are not making any noise, but the slightest tap on the device comes across as a noticeable click or clack to the other attendees, and on the recording.

6. Please be mindful of the number of people who want to participate, and limit your comments to a few minutes at a time.