Thoughts on the MacBook Pro (Late 2016)


My thoughts on the MacBook Pro (Late 2016) and some of the controversies surrounding it:

Thunderbolt Ports
With the ability to connect more than one device to any one port (with a dock or adapter), four ports (15-inch model) and adapters available to give backward compatibility to pretty much any recent devices, the MacBook Pro provides plenty of expandability for the present, and a bit of futureproofing, since the ports included are the fastest available at the moment. There will be a "dongle tax" to keep the legacy gear connected, but I like the idea of being able to configure the MacBook Pro to what I need, and not waste space on ports that I don't.

Touch Bar
An interesting take on adding a measure of touch control to a laptop without going all-in on a touch screen, something Apple has specifically decided against (and a position I happen to agree with). Also a great way to create a genuinely useful Function key replacement. No more trying to remember what F4 does in this app or that, or app-specific keyboard combinations (though they will still be available for those familiar with them). Most important, only a limited number have had their hands on one, and most of those only for a limited time. Let's give it a chance.

Yes, 16 GB seems a little light for a pro machine, laptop or desktop, but we now know that there were power considerations for not offering larger considerations. Apple made a choice between battery life and RAM, and given that this is a laptop, it was logical to lean in the direction of disconnected longevity.

Apple seems to have an obsession with making everything thinner and lighter. Sooner or later they will have to give up that pursuit, but not today. Their choice. So far, there is no evidence that they have sacrificed battery life to continue down that path.

Bottom Line
Before you pass judgement on any or all of these factors, or any of the other changes that have been made with this MacBook Pro model, give them a chance, or at least get hands on one in an Apple Store.