My Five Favorite WWDC Announcements

This year's WWDC keynote was full of announcements for all four of the Apple operating systems. Each deserve plenty of attention, but here is a totally subjective list of my five favorites.

1. Siri Shortcuts
This has to be at the top of the list because it answers so many of the criticisms of Siri, allowing the user to create their own commands, and even assigning a non-related keyword. Can't wait!

2. CarPlay
While I still would like more, what we saw was what is hopefully the first of an opening up of CarPlay so that the user has more control and less distraction while driving.

3. Group FaceTime
The video benefits are obvious, but I'm most anxious to see how the audio well it filters out extraneous noises. While Skype can be quite frustrating in so many ways, it does get noise cancellation right. I'm hopeful that FaceTime will do the same or better. It will need to if it is going to accommodate up to 32 people.

4. Safari Security
This one is obvious. Apple has demonstrated their commitment to privacy and security once again by building in the technology to block fingerprinting and other ways that nefarious code acquires your information.

5. Dolby Atmos in Apple TV
I am anxious to see how this integrates with a HomePod (or two). This could be the start of a very viable push into a high quality home theater set-up.

What were your favorite announcements? More importantly, why?