Good-bye Blip.TV and What It Means to MacVoices

(From the MacVoices Dispatch Newsletter - 2015/07/25:

I received an email last week saying that Blip.TV is shutting down in mid-August (In fact, it appears that parts are already not functioning.). While it has since been vastly overshadowed by services like YouTube and Vimeo, Blip.TV was the first video platform I used for MacVoices (then MacVoicesTV), where the show had almost four hundred thousand views. In fact, even before they started the shut-down, the shows were still getting between four and seven thousand views per month there, so someone was using it.

I'm mentioning it here because it does present a few issues for back editions of the video versions of MacVoices. For quite some time, the Blip player was how I embedded the shows on the web site at MacVoices.TV and when they were cross-posted to MacVoices. Eventually I switched over to YouTube, but when the shut-down comes, there will be some episodes that may not be available online on their show pages.

That doesn't mean that they are lost: I have backup files of pretty much every edition of MacVoices, and will start working on a way to get them all back online on at least the MacVoices site, where everything has migrated to. I just need to decide how to host them and then make them available.

If you are looking for a back video episode of MacVoices that has gone offline, please drop me an email and I'll arrange to either get it to you or to make sure that episode goes to the top of the re-tooling list. Or just look for it on the MacVoices YouTube Channel - that has episodes that go back to 2012. Farther back than that will involve re-uploading the files, which will happen eventually.

Sorry for any problems this causes, but it is beyond my control. If you were a Blip.TV viewer, please consider checking out and subscribing to MacVoices either as a video podcast, on YouTube or Vimeo.