Missing CES Shows In Your Podcatcher?

MacVoices' CES coverage included sixty-three interviews from the show floor and press events.  You can find them all in the MacVoices Archives on the site, but I also wanted to mention a potential issue if you are subscribed to the audio or video podcast feeds:

Depending on how your podcatcher is configured, you may have missed some shows getting automatically downloaded. Why? Let's say your podcatcher checks for new shows every morning before you leave for work, and (this is the important part) it is set to retrieve "the latest episode" or some similar setting. If I released four shows since yesterday morning, you would only get the latest one. The other three would be skipped, and you might never know about them.

Since this is a local setting in your podcatcher, there's nothing I can do about it other than mention it to you. So, if you see episodes on the site or here in the Dispatch but don't recognize them, that is most likely the reason.

The solution is to manually download them, or to watch them online, either on the MacVoices site or on MacVoices on YouTube, where there is a playlist of all the CES shows for 2017.