The CrystalCore TiltDock - My Favorite iDevice Dock

Even though I've tried a number of docking solutions for my iPhone and iPad, I keep coming back to the CrystalCore TiltDock by iCoreGear.


A few key features set the TiltDock apart from the rest. First, it stays where you put it. Thanks to a polyurethane base pad (which can be removed if you don't like the stability), the TiltDock adheres to any flat surface securely, so pulling your iPhone or iPad off doesn't bring the dock with it. No suction, no residue, just a solid base so the dock can't be accidentally knocked off your nightstand or desk.

Second is the combination of the unique rotating connector and back rest. Apple's Dock Connector always gave me pause, and the Lightning connector even more, because many expect that important little tab of metal to support an upright iPhone. The TiltDock has an adjustable "crystal" backrest that can be tilted way down or almost fully upright so your device can be at exactly the right angle for you, wherever you use it. It supports the weight of the device so you don't need to worry about damage to the connector.

What about cases? The TiltDock can accommodate most iPhone and iPad cases easily. I've tested a number of iPhone cases, including my favorite from ZeroChroma, and have never had a problem with any except the biggest and bulkiest.

The TiltDock comes in various models, including a Lightning connector, a 30-pin Dock Connector for iPhones, and a Micro-USB version for those other devices, and comes in black with a black "crystal" backrest or white with a clear "crystal" backrest. All have the cables included and already integrated, with a USB connector that can be plugged in to the included adapter for wall charging.

My introduction to the TiltDock was at CES in 2013 when I interviewed developer Randy Williams about his products on MacVoices #1317. He sent me a TiltDock later that year, and I've been using it ever since. At International CES 2014, I caught up with Randy to tell him about my experience and find out about his new products on MacVoices #14015.

The CrystalCore TiltDock can be yours for $99 for the Lightning Connector version, $89 for the 30-pin Dock Connector version, or $79 for the micro-USB version, all at iCoreGear. Yes, there are cheaper docks out there, but none more functional.