An Update on the MacVoices Video Feeds

Here's the story on the problems we've been having with the MacVoices video feeds.

A little while ago, both the SD and HD video feeds started showing some problems in *some* podcatching apps. That was one of the big issues that made troubleshooting difficult - it was only happening in some clients, and even in those, intermittently.

To make the story a little shorter: I finally determined that the problem was with the host where the video files were being downloaded from. Something changed on their end, and they are no longer a viable hosting option, so I was left, in the middle of releasing the WWDC coverage, scrambling to find a solution.

Our friends at Backbeat Media came in for the rescue, and we now have hosting at CacheFly, a CDN that knows what really knows what they're doing and are highly reliable. The transition will require some retooling of my workflow, so I'm working through that as quickly as possible. It will also require quite a bit of re-uploading, and this will be completed as soon as possible.

More important for you: the links to the individual video files in the RSS feeds are going to have to change to change. No, not the subscription URLs, but the links to the files themselves. That  may mean some potential rough spots for you, depending on how your podcatcher reacts. It may recognize that you've downloaded an episode or it may believe it needs to download it if it hasn't been successful in the past with that particular episode. It may try to download a whole host of back episodes, or it may just download the one that is current at the time of your next update. It all depends on the software and how you have it set up.

As a result of that uncertainty, I need to ask for indulgence and a little manual as things work out.

Look back at the past episodes and see if there are any that you haven't downloaded or seen that you want to, and manually obtain them by using the download feature in your software. And if you find a problem with a back episode that you are trying to download, please let me know and I'll make sure it is working for you as quickly as possible.

Once we're on the other side of this, your downloads should be much faster and more consistent.

And it should be specifically said that this whole issue has only applied to the video feeds; the audio feeds have been rock solid and reliable.

Thanks so much for your patience as I get this situation resolved. More soon!