AirPower's Failure: A Responsible Business Decision

There are plenty of opinions out there about the cancellation of AirPower. Predictably, most of them are of the “Apple is doomed” variety.

From where I sit, Apple is to be congratulated for cancelling AirPower.

If we take Apple’s statements at face value, they couldn’t make it perform up to their standards, so rather than compromise and make a “me too” kind of product, they opted to cancel.

Exactly what those standards couldn’t be met (heat, interference, charging speed) were not revealed. That’s not the point. The point is that they tried, they couldn’t, and moved on.

We constantly hear that companies should celebrate failure, try new things and fail, and fail fast. But when Apple does so publicly, they are the subject of frustration and click-bait headlines.

Should they have announced a product that they weren’t sure they could deliver? Of course not. But the fact that they didn’t deliver a product that didn’t work as anticipated or desired, should be viewed as a responsible business decision.