A couple notable apps for the weekend: WhenWorks and Slip

A couple notable things worth checking out this weekend.

This week, John Chaffee announced the release of WhenWorks. This is a very cool service to make coordinating times between two individuals simple, rather than doing all the back-and-forth that is often necessary now. All this information runs through Calendar (which means it is compatible with most other Calendar programs for the Mac and iOS).  Few people know calendars for the Apple ecosystem better than John, so you can be assured of a quality experience. John showed me this service while in Beta, and I’ve been anxious to use it, and now you can too. I hope to have John on the show soon to give us a full walk-through of the app.

The other app is one you saw if you watched MacVocies #18151. Slip is a very cool app that lets you share contact information by holding your iPhone close to another person’s while you are both running the app. A secure one-to-one connection is established and clear and obvious visual cues are displayed on both phones. Even better, you choose what contact information to share, and whether you want to want to have the “Slipped” contact info included in your Contacts list or not.This is unconditionally one of my top new apps, and I wan to see it become a standard. See developer Aleksey Novicov show you just how easy it is to use.  Slip is free to use, so there’s no reason not to check it out.