MacVoices Town Hall - Lessons Learned

Our first MacVoices Town Hall experiment was lots of fun, with some of our viewers and listeners joining some MacVoices regulars to discuss Apple’s Gather Round event.

This was a new format for the show, and using Zoom with more than four participants. Some lessons were learned, and I wanted to both document them and share them here as a reference to make future events even better.

1. Turn off all ancillary noise sources (TV, radio, dogs, children, etc.) - it interferes with the video audio-switching, not to mention the listenability of the show after the fact. (The host reserves the right to mute your mic to prevent that interference.)

2. Use headphones if at all possible. You will be able to hear better, and it solves some of the potential feedback issues.

3. Use an external mic if at all possible. (If not, *definitely* use the mic on the headphones.) More you, less room sound is better for everyone.

4. Check the audio settings (located at the bottom of the Zoom display when you hover over it) to be sure you have the correct mic selected. Setting your Mac’s audio-in source doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be honored by the Zoom system.

5. If using a mobile version of Zoom, PLEASE mute your mic until you want to talk, and if possible, find a stable place for the device. You may think you are not making any noise, but the slightest tap on the device comes across as a noticeable click or clack to the other attendees, and on the recording.

6. Please be mindful of the number of people who want to participate, and limit your comments to a few minutes at a time.

MacVoices Town Hall Event - September 12, 9:30 PM ET

I’m trying an experiment to discuss Apple’s “Gather Round” event.

On Wednesday, September 13, only hours after Apple’s event wraps up, you are invited to join me, other MacVoices viewers and listeners, and some of our regular MacVoices guests in a live “town hall” meeting on Zoom.

Zoom allows for up to 100 participants, so this could be a lot of fun, it could be chaos…it could be both! You will be able to see us and we will be able to see you, so be ready for a party!

Use this link to log in at the designated time, and share your thoughts on what Tim Cook and company announce, whether you will be buying or staying on the sidelines, and anything else that comes up.

This is very much a live fire experiment for the MacVoices community. Come and be part of it!

Macstock 2018


Here are some links to my presentation of Buy What You Use, Use What You Buy from Macstock 2018, including audience-suggested items.

Microsoft Office





List of iOS apps - Settings>General>iPhone Storage


Take Control Books

David Sparks' MacSparky Field Guides

Ripple Training On YouTube

Ripple Training

Larry Jordan - free weekly webinars

KB Covers Keyboard Overlays (one example - there are many companies producing them)

KeyCue by Ergonis Software



Affinity Photo

Adobe Photoshop Elements


Default Folder X by St. Clair Software

LaunchBar by Objective Development




CamelCamelCamel price tracker

$2 Tuesday

Deposit Photos

Discover credit card to purchase Apple Hardware with 5% cash back

TPG To Go - app to determine which credit card gives you the best deal on a given purchase.

A couple notable apps for the weekend: WhenWorks and Slip

A couple notable things worth checking out this weekend.

This week, John Chaffee announced the release of WhenWorks. This is a very cool service to make coordinating times between two individuals simple, rather than doing all the back-and-forth that is often necessary now. All this information runs through Calendar (which means it is compatible with most other Calendar programs for the Mac and iOS).  Few people know calendars for the Apple ecosystem better than John, so you can be assured of a quality experience. John showed me this service while in Beta, and I’ve been anxious to use it, and now you can too. I hope to have John on the show soon to give us a full walk-through of the app.

The other app is one you saw if you watched MacVocies #18151. Slip is a very cool app that lets you share contact information by holding your iPhone close to another person’s while you are both running the app. A secure one-to-one connection is established and clear and obvious visual cues are displayed on both phones. Even better, you choose what contact information to share, and whether you want to want to have the “Slipped” contact info included in your Contacts list or not.This is unconditionally one of my top new apps, and I wan to see it become a standard. See developer Aleksey Novicov show you just how easy it is to use.  Slip is free to use, so there’s no reason not to check it out.