My Five Favorite WWDC Announcements

This year's WWDC keynote was full of announcements for all four of the Apple operating systems. Each deserve plenty of attention, but here is a totally subjective list of my five favorites.

1. Siri Shortcuts
This has to be at the top of the list because it answers so many of the criticisms of Siri, allowing the user to create their own commands, and even assigning a non-related keyword. Can't wait!

2. CarPlay
While I still would like more, what we saw was what is hopefully the first of an opening up of CarPlay so that the user has more control and less distraction while driving.

3. Group FaceTime
The video benefits are obvious, but I'm most anxious to see how the audio well it filters out extraneous noises. While Skype can be quite frustrating in so many ways, it does get noise cancellation right. I'm hopeful that FaceTime will do the same or better. It will need to if it is going to accommodate up to 32 people.

4. Safari Security
This one is obvious. Apple has demonstrated their commitment to privacy and security once again by building in the technology to block fingerprinting and other ways that nefarious code acquires your information.

5. Dolby Atmos in Apple TV
I am anxious to see how this integrates with a HomePod (or two). This could be the start of a very viable push into a high quality home theater set-up.

What were your favorite announcements? More importantly, why?

The MacVoices 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

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Macstock 2017 Notes - Shifting Into High Gear: Customizing Your Mac for Maximum Productivity

Here are some notes on my session from Macstock 2017:

Launch Bar by Objective Development- launching and clipboard utility

Zoom It by Appatit,Inc.

The Dock
 - 2 criteria for things that go in the dock: Apps that i want to drag items to to open, or apps that I need to know are running. Frequently opened apps if it suits you.
 - Put it where you want - left or right theoretically gives you more space, but it can get very confusing if you are using multiple monitors or switch set-ups where one is on the left or the other is on the right.

Decorate if you want but I prefer to keep the default desktop for the system software I’m running. That gives you a visual cue for what OS is on the particular Mac you’re working on if you have more than one. I usually have too many windows open anyway, but you can always create a graphic with some useful information. I’ve never found that particularly useful, but many do.

Finder Window Customization
 - Status Bar - turn it on using VIEW-STATUS BAR to know how much storage is on your Mac at all times; also how many files in the folder.
 - Path Bar - turn it on using VIEW-PATH BAR - not only can you see the path to a particular file, but you can open those windows that are in the path list so you are free to move up and down the file path with just a click.
 - Tab Bar - turn it on using VIEW-TAB BAR. I use and love tabs in my browsers, and learning to use them in the Finder makes moving between frequently used windows a breeze.
 - Have a whole lot of windows open in the Finder and want to consolidate them? Use WINDOW-MERGE ALL WINDOWS to create a single Finder window with all the previously open windows in tabs on that window.
 - Customize the Toolbar - Select in VIEW-CUSTOMIZE TOOLBAR. Put apps or folders that you frequently drag items to at your fingertips. Putting a Trash icon makes it quick and simple to delete items with a click rather than a drag. If you don’t use Tags, why is it in every single Finder window you open? Make the Toolbar work for you.

Touch Bar Customization
If you have a Touch Bar Macbook Pro, don't overlook this option to put commands of your choice in the Touch Bar. Select it in VIEW-CUSTOMIZE-TOUCH-BAR.

Sidebar Customization
 - Some programs and services like Dropbox and iCloud Drive automatically load items into your Sidebar, and that’s fine, because you often need frequent access to those locations on your drive. But if not, you can get rid of them by right-clicking and removing them.
 - Add frequently-accessed folders here and folders that you drag things to in addition to the OS-standard folders like Downloads and Documents. Adding is simple: Just drag a folder into the Sidebar and move it up and down a little until a horizontal line appears, indicating where it will be placed, and then release the click. and it is there!

Keyboard Shortcuts
 - Hopefully you are already using cut, copy, paste, screenshots and most of the common ones built in. You can spend days learning all the keyboard shortcuts that are built into the Mac OS, and even more learning those in your favorite applications. But if there is one that you need and it doesn’t exist, you can make it yourself. Open SYSTEM PREFERENCES and go to KEYBOARD, then either APP SHORTCUTS or FUNCTION KEYS will let you assign a new shortcut. The macOS will let you know if your creation conflicts with something already assigned by the system.Shortcuts will let you assign a keyboard shortcut to any app, and will warn you if there is a conflict with an existing shortcut.
 - In SYSTEM PREFERENCES and then TEXT, you can sample text expansion by assigning your own abbreviations and what they expand to. See if text expansion is for you, then step up to TextExpander if and when you need more power and easier organization.

 - Also in KEYBOARD PREFERENCES is Dictation.  Note that if you want to dictate offline, be sure to turn on Enhanced Dictation.   And if you want your Mac to be able to be voice controlled in some areas, that’s in the ACCESSIBILITY panel in SYSTEM PREFERENCES.

Menu Bar Apps
- It is absolutely easy to put too much up in that menu bar, to the point you can’t remember what they all are. So many applications believe that they are so important that they must have space in your Menu Bar, and install themselves with the menu bar option turned on. Turn off as many as you can, and keep the ones that are important to you.
 - If you just can’t stand not to have a huge number of menu bar apps, then get the third party utility Bartender, that gives you a second row of menu bar apps. This is also great for having those menu bar apps readily available, but not cluttering up your main working environment. For example, I keep Bluetooth and Duet available but hidden in Bartender.

Open/Save Dialog Boxes
 - One feature that everyone has to use is the Open and Save dialog boxes. The customization you do in your Sidebar carries over to the Open and Save dialog boxes, to help quickly access where you want to put and get your documents, but a different and essential third party utility is Default Folder from St. Clair Software. You can set favorites and access all sorts of functions on the right side of the dialog box, but the one that I use the most is the Recently Used Files and Folders.

Print Dialog Box
 - Don’t overlook the PDF option in every print dialog box. By pulling it down, you can do a wide variety of things with the PDF of your document, rather than just saving it. You can email it directly from here or send it to other programs, but my personal favorite is the "Save to Web Receipts" option where it creates the PDF and names it with the title of the page it comes from, and places it automatically in the Web Receipts folder in your Documents folder.

 - Learn the built-in Trackpad swipes, pinches and zooms because there are some terrifically usable ways to manipulate files and images straight from the trackpad itself. You can find them in the System Preferences in the Trackpad panel.
 - Once you get used to two and three finger gestures, get the third party app Better Touch Tool by  Andreas Hegenberg and you can basically program gestures and taps with multiple fingers. I tend to use it with Final Cut, but am experimenting constantly with functions that I would like to do without taking my hands off the Trackpad.

 - In System Preferences, the Displays panel will let you choose various options, especially if you have a MacBook: try out the various resolutions that make the text larger, or that give you more screen real estate. I usually use the MORE SPACE setting because I like to have as much as possible, but not always.

Custom Icons
 - Don’t forget custom icons, especially if you prefer the icon view of your windows. Because they don’t show up as custom in the Side Bar, nor are they in color, they aren't as useful as they used to be.

 - You probably know about QuickLook - the ability to highlight a file, tap the spacebar, and get a preview of the file's contents. But did you know or remember that you can extend QuickLook with third party plug-ins? has an extensive collection. Some work less than ideally, but it is worth checking out if you have a file format that isn’t natively supported.

Launch Bar
 -  Launch Bar is my choice for a launcher utility, but it has another function that is invaluable: the built-in Clipboard history, so that with COMMAND-SPACE-K, I get access to up to the last fifty items that were on the Clipboard. There are plenty of clipboard utilities out there, but none that are so seamless, take up no screen real estate, and that are so easily accessed.

Moving, Resizing and Laying Out Finder Windows
 - Move two windows close together and they snap together. This works side-by-side or top-and-bottom.
 - There are so many great window layout utilities that you can get lost. My favorite is Moom by Many Tricks software. Not only do you get pre-defined window positions with a click, but also a grid where you can drag out the size window you want.
 - You can also click and hold on a window's green icon to put the window in split-screen mode.

Customizing Apple's Productivity Apps
 - Don't overlook the fact that you can customize the tool bars in Keynote, Numbers and Pages to access the tools you really use, or remove the ones you don't.
 - Bonus tip: The tabs and MERGE ALL WINDOWS features works in these apps as well!

 - Tabs
 - The Sidebar contains options for your bookmarks, and this is where it is easiest to arrange and edit them, place them in order, and organize them in folders. It also is where you can use Reader mode to read pages you have save for later reading. Finally, it can show your social media feeds.
 - Folders in the Favorites Bar: by placing several bookmarks in a folder, and then clicking on the folder when it is in the Favorites Bar, you can opt to open all of the links in that folder into different tabs at one time.

Want More?
 - Look in the preferences of every single app you use
 - Look at all the panels in System Preferences. There are all kinds of options you may have known about and forgotten, or that you never knew about to start with.







Missing CES Shows In Your Podcatcher?

MacVoices' CES coverage included sixty-three interviews from the show floor and press events.  You can find them all in the MacVoices Archives on the site, but I also wanted to mention a potential issue if you are subscribed to the audio or video podcast feeds:

Depending on how your podcatcher is configured, you may have missed some shows getting automatically downloaded. Why? Let's say your podcatcher checks for new shows every morning before you leave for work, and (this is the important part) it is set to retrieve "the latest episode" or some similar setting. If I released four shows since yesterday morning, you would only get the latest one. The other three would be skipped, and you might never know about them.

Since this is a local setting in your podcatcher, there's nothing I can do about it other than mention it to you. So, if you see episodes on the site or here in the Dispatch but don't recognize them, that is most likely the reason.

The solution is to manually download them, or to watch them online, either on the MacVoices site or on MacVoices on YouTube, where there is a playlist of all the CES shows for 2017.