Samsung Galaxy Note7 and Personal Liability

I'm amazed at the number of people who are planning to continue using their Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones in spite of the recall.

You have the opportunity to turn in the phone during the recall at no cost. In some cases, you can even get $100 for exchanging the phone. No matter how much you like the phone, why would you endanger your personal assets, physical and financial?

Maybe nothing will happen. Maybe you're OK with the possibility of burning down your house or car. Of injuring yourself or your family. That's your call

What happens, though, if your decision affects others? If something happens when you are in a restaurant or a hotel?

If you make that choice, and something does go wrong, your name will be right up there beside Samsung's on the lawsuit, and you won't have any defenses. It will be your personal assets that will be potentially on the line. Is your retirement fund, your life savings, or your home worth the risk?

Whether you decide on an iPhone, a different Android phone, or even a new Samsung phone, protect yourself, and others, by getting rid of your Note7.


Special, Limited Time Offer From Drobo

If you subscribe to the MacVoices Dispatch, then you already know about this special, MacVoices-only, ***limited time*** offer to you. If not, there is still time to take advantage.

Drobo has graciously offered a special discount on two of their models:

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You know how much I love and rely on my Drobos because of their simple expandibility, reliability, customer service and data protection through redundancy. They come with my highest recommendation.

This is a great opportunity to either add to your system, or sample Drobo for the first time.

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