MacVoices Completes 28 Interviews from NAB 2019

From NAB 2019 in Las Vegas, MacVoices completed 28 interviews from both the show floor, as well as from the Faster Together event at the Rio.

The complete list includes:

  • MacVoices #19034: NAB – Saramonic Offers A Variety of iOS-Oriented High End Audio Solutions
  • MacVoices #19133: NAB – Lensrentals Gets You The Gear You Need Without Having To Buy
  • MacVoices #19132: NAB – MyCaseBuilder Can Make A Custom Case For Any and All of Your Gear
  • MacVoices #19131: NAB – iZotope Acquires Exponential Audio, Improves RX 7 with Machine Learning
  • MacVoices #19130: Faster Together – Puget Systems Designs Custom Computers For Your Needs
  • MacVoices #19129: Faster Together – Archiware Delivers Archiving, Backup, and Segmenting Solutions for Video Pros
  • MacVoices #19128: Faster Together – Apogee Teams With Sennheiser to Capture Binaural Audio With Your iPhone
  • MacVoices #19127: Faster Together – Apogee’s Audio Focus on iOS-Based Pro Video Workflows
  • MacVoices #19126: NAB – Drobo Shows Off The Drobo 8D For Creatives
  • MacVoices #19125: NAB – A Demo of the New Features of Cinamaker
  • MacVoices #19124: NAB – Facilitates Interaction in Online Video Editing
  • MacVoices #19123: NAB – Imagine Products Offers New Capabilities And Rental Software
  • MacVoices #19122: NAB – Soundstripe Offers Video Producers Affordable Music For Their Projects
  • MacVoices #19121: NAB – Other World Computing’s Larry O’Connor Shares Product Announcements and Tips
  • MacVoices #19120: NAB – Oliver Breidenbach Updates Us On mimoLive, Mousepose, and iStopMotion
  • MacVoices #19119: NAB – JW Player Improves The Online Video Experience for Creators and Viewers
  • MacVoices #19118: NAB – Backblaze Furthers Their Expansion Into Enterprise Online Cloud Storage
  • MacVoices #19117: NAB – Wasabi Offers Fast Cloud Storage At An Affordable Price
  • MacVoices #19116: NAB – The Latest Improvements to Transcriptive from Digital Anarchy
  • MacVoices #19115: NAB – Takes Time Lapse Video To Another Level
  • MacVoices #19114: NAB – Luma Touch’s Newest Improvements to Luma Fusion and iOS-Based Video Editing
  • MacVoices #19113: NAB – FiLMic Pro Gains Freefly Cinema Robot Support and A New Audio App
  • MacVoices #19112: NAB – FXhome Makes Three Big HitFilm Announcements
  • MacVoices #19111: NAB – Zoom Expands and Improves Their Audio Recorder Line
  • MacVoices #19110: NAB – Libsyn Makes Your Podcast Available Everywhere
  • MacVoices #19109: NAB – Insta360 Introduces the Evo, a Combo 3D, 360-Degree Camera
  • MacVoices #19108: NAB – Switcher Studio’s Teams, LinkedIn Partnership, and Microsoft Stream Integration
  • MacVoices #19107: NAB – CEntrance Introduces A Portable Mixer/Recorder
  • AirPower's Failure: A Responsible Business Decision

    There are plenty of opinions out there about the cancellation of AirPower. Predictably, most of them are of the “Apple is doomed” variety.

    From where I sit, Apple is to be congratulated for cancelling AirPower.

    If we take Apple’s statements at face value, they couldn’t make it perform up to their standards, so rather than compromise and make a “me too” kind of product, they opted to cancel.

    Exactly what those standards couldn’t be met (heat, interference, charging speed) were not revealed. That’s not the point. The point is that they tried, they couldn’t, and moved on.

    We constantly hear that companies should celebrate failure, try new things and fail, and fail fast. But when Apple does so publicly, they are the subject of frustration and click-bait headlines.

    Should they have announced a product that they weren’t sure they could deliver? Of course not. But the fact that they didn’t deliver a product that didn’t work as anticipated or desired, should be viewed as a responsible business decision.